Commander Venture 0 - The Rules

Ashling, Ghost Council, Akroma

I’ve been in the MTG space for a long time. In 2010 I opened my first little game store in Ste. Genevieve MO and 5 stores and a lot of ups and downs later I opened my latest store in 2019. Let me tell you, within that time Magic the Gathering sure has changed. When I first joined the professional MTG world commander was also just starting and the default way to play Magic was 60 card deck standard tournaments and still sometimes called “Type 2”. Players were working through how to make these 100 cards work, decks’ land to spell ratios were changing monthly, and the idea of “Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander” wasn’t really around. Now the commander format is the default way to play Magic. If you walk into a local game store tables are formatted to accommodate pods of 4 FIRST and the tournament scene second. Most players use commander primarily as a way to hang out while playing and the focus is on the fun of the game rather than trying to “win”. My goal in the years to come is to try to join the MTG scene more directly as a player rather than sitting and watching from the sidelines but the way I have fun and think about Magic isn’t necessarily in this more casual way. Even in more “casual” formats like draft or commander I tend to see the most efficient lines of play and use those tools to the best of my ability rather than focusing on the “fun” of others on the table. That mentality doesn't always mix. Furthermore, it’s easier for me to get cards than most people in my community, be that either due to the price point of cards like “Wheel of Fortune” or the fact that I have constant access to 90000 plus cards at all times. I wanted a way to play the game as competitively as possible, while also keeping myself limited in some way in order to not drastically overpower a table. I’ve never really liked the “Point System” some have suggested, and trying to limit my decks to specific formats like “Pioneer only commander” proved to still be a little too much logistically for me. So I decided to come up with a challenge, in the spirit of the Nuzlocke challenge in pokemon, a rule set for myself to experiment with a very limited amount of cards but also to embrace the current space MTG is in, and I’m calling it Commander Venture.

MtG - Rules Lawyer by: Dmitry Burmak

The rules are as follows…

  • The project starts with 1 sealed commander deck

  • All purchases, decks made, and full collection are tracked

  • Out of each commander deck wave released, 1 sealed deck from that wave is added to the card pool

  • Player may add 1 commander branded sealed product of their choice to the pool per year
  • Example: 
  • Extra Commander deck
  • Commander Collection
  • Commander Anthology
  • Commander Legends
  • This must be bought in person

  • Player may add 1 Magic the Gathering product of their choice to the pool per year
  • Product must be official wizards of the coast product
  • For booster packs the max is 1 Box
  • This must be bought in person

  • Player may add product from in store limited events, limited play, commander pods and prize support from these events to the pool (including store specific promotions)

  • Example List of limited events Limited Event Must “Fire”, and the player has to be able to keep the cards they play with NO CUBES.
  • Booster Draft (max 2 per week)
  • Sealed Deck Event (max 1 per week)
  • Jumpstart Pickup Game (Max 2 per week)
  • A third jumpstart game may be added if a regular draft is missed
  • Jumpstart Events
  • Jumpstart events are different from Pickup Games
  • Other in store limited play
  • Example “Pack Wars” -esque events
  • Other original “limited” type events (as long as they use sealed Wizards of the coast product and the event fires) 

  • If a store gives store credit as prize support, then the player may use that store credit however they can, even getting singles

  • Player may trade cards to add cards to the pool, all trades must be within a 10% difference
  • Player must trade with individuals
  • Player may not trade into stores

  • Player gives weekly regular updates to the pool and the project, and if possible a review of any events and or games played

  • Player may NOT purchase Secret Lair products to add to the pool
  • Player may receive secret lair cards in trades

  • Each year, this project starts in January with the prep month being December, player may use 100 cards from the previous year’s collection, and any product purchased during December of the previous year to start. More rules and guidelines may be added as needed.

    I’ll be tracking my decks and the whole collection using Moxfield. This might change if I find another deck and collection tracker meets my needs but for now Moxfield has the tools I need for this.

    Secret Rendezvous MtG Art from Strixhaven by Manuel Castañón

    My personal goals for this project is to get me to write more and connect with the community in a more active way.  I’ve wanted to make content for a while and maybe through this project I’ll feel compelled and inspired enough to make videos, write articles like this one, and interact with the MTG community more directly than I had before. I enjoy the idea of working through limitations, I’ve always liked standard and draft for this reason, and bringing that feeling to commander seems like a healthy choice for me. I’m Starting this year with the Draconic Dissent deck from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, and I’ll be talking about that deck next.