Izzet Blitz Pauper Deck Tech Summer 2022

Izzet Blitz

Brainstorm, Kiln Fiend, Nivix Cyclops


  There are a lot of things that can draw you into a new game. Lore, characters, art style, or mechanics. When I was first introduced to Magic: The Gathering (MTG) I was enthralled with steampunk. The grinding gears, the hissing steam, the pseudo-magic of it all gave me a lot to sink my imaginative teeth into. The natural draw for me in MTG, then, was the red/blue archetype, exemplified by the Izzet guild of Ravnica. They were the brilliant but sometimes mad scientists, the wizards who won through lightning wit and occasional misbegotten experiments, the dragon whose strategies were sneaky and unforeseen while being explosive at the finish.

  As both a player and collector of cards, the art style of many red blue cards was also a draw - I loved the contrast of colors and theme, the way the art incorporated purple hues, and the overall feeling that these Izzet cards evoked. They were free and fierce and always, always, boiling beneath the surface.

  In every format I try, I look into the Red and Blue archetype.  In modern I played “Splinter Twin” until it got banned, in Commander I have a CEDH “Niv-Mizzet the Parun” Deck that I love, so of course for the format of the people, PAUPER, I had to start off with one of my favorite strategies “Izzet Blitz”  

Full list of the Izzet Blitz Deck


3 Apostle's Blessing
1 Artful Dodge
4 Brainstorm
3 Evolving Wilds
1 Faithless Looting
2 Festival Crasher
6 Island
4 Kiln Fiend
3 Lightning Bolt
5 Mountain
3 Mutagenic Growth
4 Nivix Cyclops
2 Peek
3 Ponder
3 Preordain
2 Shadow Rift
2 Spell Pierce
4 Swiftwater Cliffs
3 Temur Battle Rage
2 Wee Dragonauts

3 Abrade
3 Dive Down
2 Electrickery
3 Red Elemental Blast
2 Relic of Progenitus
1 Serpentine Curve
1 Spell Pierce

Izzet Blitz is a glass cannon, beat down strategy.  You fill your board with creatures whose abilities read *Whenever you cast a spell, this creature gets BUFF.  You then swing in with these creatures and hit your opponent hard and fast.  Let’s break down how that works.



The main idea behind the deck is the get out your creatures Like “Kiln Fiend”, “Nivix Cyclops”, and “Havok Jester” early, then much like a STORM deck, you cast a chain of spells, these spells increase the power of your creatures and allow you to swing in with big power for the win.  With cheap spells like “Lightning Bolt* that hit your opponent in the dome, and free spells like “Mutagenic Growth” that add even more power, your creatures get REAL big REAL early, normally POP-ing off around turn 3 or 4.  

Mutagenic Growth from New Phyrexia

The blue in the deck not only gives you more cheap spells for your creatures to benefit from, but with that lovely line “Draw a Card” in most of the effects, you may be able to push through mediocre hands and eke out a win. When you cast your spells is important, when you CAN cast a spell during combat you probably should.  Ponder and Preordain being sorcery speed is a minor annoyance due to them needing to cast during the main phase but as long as you hold up some protection or pump spell as you move to combat you should be fine. Remember you only need to cast 3 spells to win as long as one of those spells is “Temur Battle Rage”. 

Temur Battle Rage

The one glaring weakness to this deck is its susceptibility to spot removal.  Cards like “Cast Down”, “Snuff Out” and the “Red and Blue Elemental Blasts” are a real pain and eat through your creature front like butter. In the mainboard “Apostle's Blessing” is your saving grace.  Only actually costing 1 colorless mana and 2 life, keeping your creatures safe and adding an uptick to the power of your creatures, it’s a powerhouse when you're on offense or defense.  The sideboard has SOME relief in the form of “Spell Pierce” and your own grip of “Red and Blue Elemental Blasts”, but “Apostle’s blessing” is really the MVP to protect against the strong removal in the Meta.  One big thing you’re going to have to learn when you play this deck is to mulligan aggressively.  Unlike most other decks, you only really need 5 cards in your opening hand in order to win. Izzet blitz plays a bit like a Burn deck in that regard, but its power is in its creatures rather than direct damage.  

Izzet a Winner?

I’ll be honest, for a competitive level event, this deck will have an uphill battle.  This meta is chock full of removal, wide strategies and life gain, which all give Izzet Blitz a hard time.  I’m banking on its speed. Midrange and control fill the format at the moment and I’m hoping that a consistent and aggressive strategy will bring me the win.  This deck isn’t going down without a fight.

Cast out, Red Elemental Blast, Snuff Out

Up next I’ll be reviewing the Rags to Riches Pauper Win-a-Dual Pauper event at the Collector Store in St. Peters Missouri, where I piloted this deck in a six round competitive event.  Catch you soon!



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