Green Lantern  # 0

Green Lantern # 0

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"Second Chances" – Parallax (Hal Jordan) and the new Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner have been flung from an error in the timestream during Zero Hour and are now continuing their fight on Oa, shortly after Parallax was shot by Green Arrow. Despite having an arrow wound in his chest, Parallax is able to replenish himself using energies from the Central Power Battery of Oa. He is confused when he finds himself unable to continue drawing energy, and realizes it's because he lacks a conduit. Rayner continues pummeling Jordan, and lectures him about turning evil.
Upon seeing the skull of Kilowog, Jordan stops fighting and laments his own downfall. How for all his efforts, he still wasn't able to save his loved ones. Sympathizing, Kyle wonders if he's been seeing things too much in black and white. They discuss their individual struggles and motivations for heroism. Giving him one more chance to set his path right, Kyle offers Hal the ring back... to let him become Green Lantern again. Still apparently mentally ill, Hal still wants to reset things back to the way they used to be... pretend nothing ever happened, recreate the Guardians and the Corps. Realizing his mistake, Kyle attempts to get the ring back, and Hal responds with force. Kyle is forced to flee into the Crypts when Hal completely turns on him. Sneaking up, he knocks a coffin onto Hal from behind and takes his ring back. The two go back to fighting, with Parallax's energy restored. Parallax's superior experience allows him to best Rayner, and he then tempts him with the idea that he could bring Alex DeWitt back from the dead. Knowing that bringing his girlfriend back this way is wrong, Green Lantern refuses to take the easy way out. Instead, plunging the powers of his ring deep into the planet's core, he completely obliterates Oa so that Parallax can no longer draw strength from it! With Parallax Gone Missing again, Kyle Rayner feels secure in his responsibilities as the one and only new Green Lantern, and flies off back home into space.