Superman, Vol. 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth

Superman, Vol. 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth

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Spinning out of superstar creator Brian Michael Bendis's epic Man of Steel miniseries, Superman's new status quo is about to get rocked to its core!

It's hard enough for Superman to fight the endless fight when the two people he loves the most in the world—his wife Lois and their son Jonathan—are traveling the universe, unable to communicate with him. But it's Superman's job to keep Earth safe, no matter what.

It's a huge job under the best of circumstances. But when the entire planet is mysteriously transplanted into the Phantom Zone, the prison dimension built to hold Krypton's most dangerous criminals, it may be more than Superman and even the Justice League can handle.

Not only is the Phantom Zone itself threatening to poison Earth and tear it apart, but it's also home to the worst killers in history, all of whom have a personal vendetta against Superman and everyone he cares about. And the man who killed Krypton himself, Rogol Zaar, has just arrived in the Phantom Zone, ready to unite these foes into an army ready to strike at Earth at its most vulnerable!